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LEVEL 3 Life Skills




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About the Course

In Level 3 Life Skills of the Family Dog Connections Program, you will benefit from the culmination of your journey towards mastery in stewardship of your family dog.

This level equips you with practical life skills essential for fostering harmonious relationships with your family dog. Through hands-on exercises and real-world applications, you will refine your situational awareness, hone problem-solving abilities, and master the art of effective communication with your canine companion under Valeria's expert mentorship. From advanced enrichment strategies to mastering real-world scenarios, you will emerge from Level 3 equipped with the tools and knowledge to navigate most situations with confidence and grace, ensuring a fulfilling life together with your beloved family dogs.


Unit 4

The Path to Impulse Control

Module 34

Peepers Roulette Elementary School

Module 35

Peepers Roulette Middle School

Module 36

Understanding Rewards & New Puppy Priorities

Module 37

Peepers Roulette High School

Module 38

Non-Food Reinforcers


BONUS!!! How to Change Big Feelings - Counterconditioning and Desensitization

Module 40

Peepers Roulette College Level

Module 41

The Gatekeeper Game HOME RUN!!!

Unit 5

Foolproof Skills to Get Your Dog to…

Module 42

How to get the behavior you want to happen!

Module 43

Boop It! Targeting - Touch Nose to Fingertips

Module 44

Boop It! - Following Finger Target

Module 45

Boop It! Adding the Verbal Cue “Touch”

Module 46

Ringing Bells to Ask to Go Outside

Module 47

Park It - Teach Get on Mat

Module 48

The 4 Ways to Teach Your Dog to Lie Down

Module 49

Park It - Teach Lie Down on Mat/Towel/Bed

Module 50

Park It - Adding the Verbal Cue

Module 51

Park It - Go Lie Down

Unit 6

Everything’s A Cookie™

Module 52

Everything’s A Cookie™

Module 53

Introduction to Loose Leash Walking & Equipment

Module 54

Equipment Essentials & Safety

Module 55

Leash Handling Skills

Module 56

Umbilical Cord Game 1st Base

Module 57

Gimme That Collar Game - Approaching outstretched hand and leash clasp

Module 58

Collar Cues w/out Leash

Module 59

Umbilical Cord Game 2nd Base - Leash ON / Leash OFF cue

Collar Cues with leash

Module 60

Long Line Leash Handling - What could go wrong?

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