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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions!


Here, we aim to provide clarity and insight into what you can expect when you choose Drop the Leash LLC. If your question isn’t answered below, don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information.


How quickly can I expect to see behavior changes in my dog?

The journey to noticeable improvements varies for each dog and person, as both are learning together. Participants in our programs and consultations often see positive changes within just a few days. It's important to trust the process and not expect an “instant fix”. Remember, success in behavior change is a journey that requires patience and commitment. Our programs are designed for those willing to actively participate in their dog's learning process, including watching videos, engaging in consultations, and being part of our community.


Is there an age limit for teaching my dog?

No, there isn't! We believe it's never too late or too early to start. Whether your family dog is a pup or a senior dog, our methods are designed to enhance the learning experience at any age. The sooner you start, the quicker you'll see progress. Early intervention helps prevent unwanted behaviors, but it's never too late to start teaching and reinforcing new habits.

What if I enroll in a program that's not right for my needs?

If you find that the program you've selected isn't meeting your expectations, we're more than willing to help you switch to one that's a better fit or explore other options within our offerings. We understand that needs can change, and we're flexible in ensuring you find the right program for you and your dog. Just reach out to for assistance.


What if the selected program isn't a good match?​

If the program you've chosen doesn't meet your needs, we're here to help find a better solution or switch you to a more suitable program. Flexibility is key to ensuring you find the right program for you and your dog. Just reach out to for assistance.


Can I train my dog even if I'm not a professional?

Absolutely! With over three decades of experience, we've empowered thousands of individuals to guide their dogs toward better behaviors. With the right support and knowledge, anyone can learn effective strategies for teaching and behavior change.


What methods will we use for behavior change?

We focus on humane, science-based strategies to encourage desirable behaviors and reduce unwanted ones. Our approach is centered around positive reinforcement, understanding your dog's needs, creating an environment conducive to learning, and over 30 years of experience. We believe in teaching through kindness and understanding.

Do I need special equipment for training?

Typically, no special equipment is required beyond items you already possess at home. We might recommend particular aids tailored to your dog's specific learning needs and your training objectives, but our primary emphasis lies on straightforward, effective communication and reinforcement strategies. These methods are designed to achieve lasting behavior improvements, emphasizing the deepening of understanding between you and your dog through understandable, natural, positive interactions.


Consultations, Canine Connections Kickstart, and Family Dog Connections Programs: What Are They?

  • Consultations: Personalized consultations conducted via Zoom, where we discuss your goals and challenges, offering tailored advice and strategies to start you on your path to success.

  • Canine Connections Kickstart: This FREE online video program is designed to jumpstart your journey toward understanding and changing behaviors, focusing on establishing a strong foundation for learning and connection.

  • Family Dog Connections: Aimed at integrating your dog harmoniously into family life, this series of on-demand video programs guides you to a successful lifestyle with your family dog and promotes connection and understanding through the sciences of canine behavior.


How much does it cost?

For a detailed overview of the investment required for our programs and consultations, please visit our Programs & Services page. We offer a variety of options to accommodate different needs and budgets.

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