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Unleash Your Dog's Potential

Welcome to the
Canine Connection Kickstart

A 5-Day Socialization Adventure!


Start your journey towards understanding and harmony with our Canine Connection Kickstart program. This 5-day adventure is designed to teach you the intricacies of helping your dog navigate a variety of everyday situations, laying the foundation for a well-behaved and confident companion.


Dive deep into the nuances of canine behavior with our expert-led video series, crafted to ensure your dog’s needs and nature are deeply understood.

Immediate Access, No Sign-Up Required!

Watch our comprehensive video series right here—no sign-up necessary! For those who wish to delve deeper, provide your email to receive additional bonus content packed with insights and exclusive tips to enhance your learning experience.

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Transformative Techniques in Five Days

Join us on this educational adventure to enhance your dog's life skills and your understanding of their needs. Each day, you will gain insights and practical tips that will help your dog navigate a variety of everyday situations with ease and confidence. Our program is designed to be fun and engaging, encouraging both you and your dog to enjoy the learning process together.

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6 Video Lessons

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BONUS Content

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Direct Access

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Watching and Learning Immediately

5-Day Socialization Adventure

5-Day Socialization Adventure

5-Day Socialization Adventure
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Day 1 What is Socialization

Day 1 What is Socialization

Play Video
Day 2 Why Socialization is Important

Day 2 Why Socialization is Important

Play Video
Day 3 What Socialization is NOT

Day 3 What Socialization is NOT

Play Video
Day 4 Recognizing Overwhelm

Day 4 Recognizing Overwhelm

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Your Complimentary 5-Day Journal

Enhance your learning experience with your free journal designed to accompany the video series. This resource allows you to track your progress, reflect on insights, and apply what you've learned.

Download and Get Started:

  • Download: Click the red Download PDF button below to download your journal.

  • Print: Easily print the journal at home or at a local print shop.

  • Engage: Fill in the journal as you progress through each video lesson.

After completing the 5-day journey, you'll have a personalized socialization plan tailored specifically for your dog or puppy, helping you continue on the path to a well-adjusted and happy canine companion.

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What's Next?

Congratulations on completing the 5-Day Canine Connection Kickstart!


You've taken an important first step in understanding your dog, but the journey doesn't end here. At Drop the Leash LLC, we offer a range of services designed to continue supporting you and your dog in achieving a harmonious and fulfilling relationship.

Your Journey Beyond the Kickstart

Upon completing the 5-Day Canine Connection Kickstart, consider progressing to our more comprehensive Family Dog Connections programs. This next-level builds on the foundations laid during the Kickstart, offering deeper behavioral insights and practical solutions for everyday challenges. This program is designed to enable effective communication and problem solving between you and your dog, all through expert-guided sessions.

Start Family Dog Connections HERE

Tailored Support When You Need It


Need personalized guidance?  

Virtual Consultations with Valeria provide targeted support for any specific concerns or behavior challenges you may be facing with your dog. Connect with an experienced, licensed & certified canine consultant from the comfort of your home, and receive customized advice and strategies to help you and your dog succeed.


Book a Virtual Consultation HERE

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