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LEVEL 2 Transformations




On-line 1 Year Access

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About the Course

Level 2 Transformations marks a pivotal point in the Family Dog Connections Program, where you will undergo a profound transformation in your approach to canine companionship. Through immersive experiences and thought-provoking content, you will be led towards a paradigm shift in your mindset and interactions with your dog.

This level focuses on enhancing your skills in timing and delivery of rewards, enriching your dog's environment, and refining management techniques. By embracing a holistic perspective and integrating new insights from Valeria, you will cultivate a deeper bond with your dog and unlock your full potential as an advocate for your dog.


Unit 2

No More Bad Dog!

Module 11

Getting Started - Equipment

Module 12

How to Get Your Dog’s Attention

Module 13

Management Milestones!

Module 14

Find My Eyes Game

Module 15

Management for Common Behavior Problems

Module 16

The Cookie Toss Game

Module 17

Management for Visitors to Your Home

Module 18

The Referee Game

Module 19

Prevent or Manage Behavior Problems with Enrichment & Kong Stuffing


Zoom Group Q&A: Counter Surfing, Visitors, Barking, Leave it and MORE!

Module 21

Peepers Roulette Game


Zoom Group Q&A: Wait, Come when called, Reinforcers vs Rewards, Socialization, Big dogs who pull on leash.

Unit 3

Boundary Secrets Exposed

Module 23

This Clicker Thang!

Module 24

The Jewelry Game & Door Etiquette

Module 25

Clicker Skills - How to Properly Use a Clicker

Module 26

Charging the Clicker

Module 27

The Gatekeeper Game 1st Base (Go to Spot & Sit)

Module 28

Wait in the Crate/Kennel

Module 29

All About Cues

Module 30

The Gatekeeper Game 2nd Base

Module 31

Jumpers Just-a-Jumpin’

Module 32

The Gatekeeper Game 3rd Base

Module 33

Waiting in the Crate When the Door is Opened & Offered Sit

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