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LEVEL 1 Behavior Insights




On-line 1 Year Access

About the Course

In Level 1 Behavior Insights of the Family Dog Connections Program, you are guided on a journey of discovery and understanding. Through engaging exercises and personalized guidance, you will gain valuable insights into the intricate world of canine behavior.

This level lays the foundation by fostering observational skills, problem-solving abilities, and a deeper appreciation for the individuality of your family dog. Valeria's expertise illuminates the behavior and ethology of dogs, principles of learning, and the significance of environment and genetics in shaping behavior. These insightful lessons pave the way for meaningful connections and set the stage for transformative growth for you and your family dog.

Unit 1

Beginner’s Guide to Dog Behavior

Module 1

A Comprehensive Guide to Teaching Your Dog

Module 2

Imagine The Perfect Dog

Module 3

Empowering Communication Through Behavior

Module 4

Reinforcing Communication Behaviors

Module 5

10 Steps to Behavior Change

Module 6

Myth Busting

Module 7

Alternatives to Undesirable Behavior (Repertoires)

Module 8

How Dogs Learn

Module 9

The Waiter Game & Introducing Cues


Introducing the Leash

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