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Family Dog Mediation




1 Hour + 15 Minute Follow-Up via Zoom

About the Course

Mediation bridges gaps, especially for dogs and puppies struggling to navigate the complexities of our human world. Your Family Dog Mediation consultation is designed to ease these challenges, ensuring peaceful living together for your puppy or adult dog in your home. 

In our focused 1-hour Zoom session, we delve into both your and your dog's unique needs, developing personalized strategies that foster harmony and understanding. 

Each session is recorded for your convenience, supplemented by handpicked resources and a 15-minute follow-up consultation guaranteeing your path to success. 

Opting for Family Dog Mediation doesn't just address behavioral issues—it nurtures a deeper bond between you and your dog, enriching your lives together.

Ready to take the first step?

Click the red button 'Start Here' to fill out our comprehensive K9 History Form.

Once received, expect prompt contact for the next steps on your transformative journey.

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