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Stuck on an emotional rollercoaster
with your dog's behavior?

At Drop the Leash, I'll help you step off that ride

Beyond dog training, I will guide you toward a path of understanding, harmony, and lasting connection with your family dog.

For Over 30 Years, Helping Thousands of Dogs Become Cherished Family Members

Licensed, Certified & Trusted

Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner
Certified Behavior Consultant Canine, Knowledge Assessed
Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Knowledge Assessed
Fear Free Certified Professional
Family Dog Mediation
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CET Certified Badge.png
Aggression in Dogs
Certificate of Completion
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Feel like you've tried everything and your dog is still misbehaving?​


Drop the Leash provides simple and effective solutions so

changing your dog's behavior is easy!

  • Wasting time and money on ineffective solutions

  • Frustrated with the lack of progress

  • Overwhelmed by the amount of conflicting information

  • Doubting your ability to effectively address your dog's misbehavior

Are you struggling to find answers to stop your dog's problem behavior?

  • Jumping onto everyone

  • Ignoring your pleas to come back

  • Turning your living room into a pop-up bathroom

  • Sprinting for freedom every time the door cracks open

  • Chewing on the wrong stuff

  • Unleashing epic battles over who gets that stolen item

  • Greeting strangers with "Guard Dog Mode" engaged

  • Possessing a strong belief in "what's yours is mine, and mine is mine."

  • Excelling in puppy mischief


All Breeds, All Ages

Proven Methods, Real Results, 

Licensed, Certified, and Qualified for Over 30 Years 

Unlock a Lifetime of Harmony with Flexible Online Learning

Immediate Access, Lasting Change

1 Year Access to

On-Demand Video Series

Girl in red and black checkered shirt with arm around bull terrier dog sitting in the grass

Unleash your dog's full potential with an experience that goes beyond basic obedience training.


Drop the Leash's programs go beyond traditional obedience classes by focusing on more than obedience. We believe that changing behavior is about truly understanding your dog and their perspective on the world.


Join us on a transformative journey of understanding, connection, and transformation, embracing how nature designed your dog to thrive in your world.


With Drop the Leash, get the help you need anytime, anywhere through our comprehensive online programs. Say goodbye to rigid schedules and training struggles. Our programs seamlessly fit into your busy lifestyle, enabling you to shape your dog's behavior comfortably from home.


Let us help you bring out the best in your family dog.

Woman with knitted cap kissing bulldog's head

This bully has stolen my heart. I was ready to give up on “Bilbo Baggins.” She wasn’t housebroken. She chewed everything in sight, jumped on everyone who came through our door, bit ankles, bolted out of the house into the road, pulled on a leash, and never bothered to come when she was called. My husband found Valeria through Google, and the rest is history. The program unraveled everything I was doing wrong, not Billie. I’ve come to think like a dog, not to fulfill my expectations but to share in a unique training opportunity that is understandable, affordable, and easily accessible. This girl has always loved me from the start - it was merely lost in translation until I joined Drop the Leash. My dog and I share a unique bond that grows stronger every day with each learning session. I will forever be grateful to Valeria. You go, Billie girl!

Bobbie Ann

It's Time to Make a Plan for You and Your Dog!

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Expert support to address your concerns

Discover the Truth about your dog

Training is valuable but not a cure-all.

Go beyond training and discover easy solutions for your dog's behavior!

Your Family, Your Dog, Your Story

Ever felt like you've tried everything, yet your dog won't behave? Spending time and money on ineffective solutions, feeling frustrated, overwhelmed by conflicting information, and doubting your ability to address your dog's behavior? Imagine a journey where the emotional rollercoaster ends, where you're in control of changing your dog's behavior effortlessly. That's what Drop the Leash offers: simple and effective solutions tailored to you. No more searching – start transforming your dog's behavior today. My licensed, certified, and qualified approach spans all breeds and ages. Step into a world beyond traditional dog training, where a holistic approach fosters a deep connection with your canine companion. It's about understanding your dog's world, providing tools for thriving together, and celebrating what makes your dog truly happy. Unleash your dog's full potential with Drop the Leash, going beyond dog training. My firm commitment to understanding your dog's unique traits sets us apart. I use the various behavior sciences—ethology, comparative psychology, behavioral ecology, sociobiology, cognitive ethology, applied animal behavior science, neuroethology, behavior genetics, anthrozoology, and zoology. This multidisciplinary approach allows me to gain a holistic understanding of your dog's distinctive personality and behavior. Choosing Drop the Leash means opting for a mindful and compassionate approach aligned with your dog's natural instincts. It's about nurturing a positive relationship between you and your dog, where understanding and cooperation form the cornerstone. Skip the wild ride with my on-demand video and virtual consultations, with the convenience of bringing solutions directly to you anytime. The power to bring about positive change for your dog is in your hands. Connect with me, Valeria, for an opportunity that's understandable, effective, and easily accessible. Like Bilbo Baggins stole Bobbie Ann's heart, you and your dog can share a unique bond that grows stronger daily. Join Drop the Leash today and be the hero in your dog's transformational story.

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