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Problem behaviors do NOT get better with TIME
Problem behaviors get better with HELP
White dog getting into the trash bin

Does your dog...


Jump on everyone


Not come back when called


Bark at everything


Pee everywhere


Run out the door


Chew on ALL of your stuff


Steal things

Beg, stare and drool at you while you’re eating

Imagine what life would be like IF your dog would...

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Imagine what life would be like IF you had...

  • A unique new insight into how your dog thinks, learns, and communicates.

  • Multiple new games that make teaching your dog fun and easy.

  • The knowledge and understanding that WILL improve your dog’s BEHAVIOR!

I know you love your dog. That's why you're here!

If I had a dog for every time I've heard...


“Wow, will you move in with me to train my dog?”




“I wish my dog would behave like yours!"


I would have a lot of dogs!


Discover what my students already know!


You don’t need me to live with you to have a well-behaved family dog.


You CAN learn to train your dog!


With my help, you’ll learn how to apply these skills to your everyday life, where it matters.


Here’s a little secret…. It’s not all about teaching your dog obedience, and I’ll share my secrets with you in one of the most comprehensive family dog training programs available.

  • Focus on you, even when visitors show up at your door, and no more jumping.

  • CHOOSE to sit and offer you attention for anything they want.

  • Wait at any door (house, car, kennel, gates) instead of darting to freedom.    

  • Have an excellent foundation for walking on a loose leash and come when called.

  • Listen to you, EVEN if you are not bribing them with FOOD.

  • Chew on what they’re supposed to.

  • Lie down instead of staring and drooling at you while you’re eating.

So, hop right in and find the help you and your family need with your dog by clicking the link below!

Person in yellow hoodie squatting with sitting, barking, red Australian cattle dog in green field with goldenrod and trees in the background

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