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We LOVE Valeria!! There is not enough space to express how valuable her training is. She gave us the knowledge, skills, and understanding needed to train our dogs to be well-behaved gentlemen. She not only taught us methods and commands, but she helped us understand dog behavior and why they do the things they do. 


MONTHS after learning how to “settle” on a mat and then not using the command again, I told Skidder, our black lab, to settle. He immediately went to his mat like he had learned months previously. 


Timber, our golden retriever, learned how to walk with a loose leash without pulling. But then he was never on a leash after that since he runs freely in our yard and in the woods. After his brother was injured and couldn’t run in the yard for a couple of months, Timber and I started going on walks down the road with the leash (so as not to make his brother jealous being confined to the house). He remembered exactly what he was supposed to do. 


To this, we owe a debt of gratitude to Valeria for her knowledge and training. We are SO thankful we found Drop the Leash Dog Training and Valeria. In fact, I’m pretty sure our boys like Valeria a little more than they do us...and that’s okay.

Well behaved puppies
Golden Retriever doing obedience

We absolutely love Val. Our family is so grateful for all she taught us and our pup. Highly recommend Drop the Leash Dog Training & Behavior Consultant.

Puppy sitting
Proud dog owners

Val is great at what she does. Not only did our wild Doberman puppy learn a great deal, so did we.

"The freshman Fido class is great. I have a 7 month old Great Dane who gets overstimulated and barks nonstop. All through class. Valeria was able to show us how to handle that and took it all in stride. She showed us just what to do in this situation so we can still work at training. Plus, our dog gets to learn how to handle these situations. Fantastic class and fantastic trainer!!

Great Dane laying down

We hired Valeria to help us with our mini schnauzer pup (Atti) & her issues with grooming. Needless to say, Valeria has surpassed our expectations at teaching us the right approach to solve the problem---& many others. We were skeptical of the clicker method, but has proven to us, along with positive reinforcement, that it's a wonderful way to get Atti's attention. Atti has learned so-o much in just 6weeks (I think my husband & I have learned a lot more)!
Valeria is relaxed, personable, & (patient with us!), yet very professional in teaching.  


Through all this training with Valeria, we have gained a wealth of information on handling and training Atti, along with learning about ourselves, & how our moods & reactions can reflect on the dog. Hopefully we've also gained a life long friend in Valeria!

Schnauzer sitting